About Us


  • To provide the fastest and most cost efficient point to point delivery service North of the Philippines. 
  • To help create a venue to be able to generate jobs and connect skilled workers to their customers. 
  • To empower Filipinos to make the leap towards the use of technology and use it as a bridge to improve their lives.


To connect people and opportunities through technology. 


Adda gamin!

Our Story

Adda is an Ilokano word for “Meron” in Filipino.

Adda is a logistics focused technology solutions provider. 

Adda is the second mobile application to be released under the When In Baguio brand. The upgrade of When In Baguio Eat was already underway when it was decided to have a 360 pivot towards a new project, which in turn pushed the delay of our first app. We could’ve pushed forward with our first project yet there was a major flaw. Our name “When In Baguio” is both our greatest strength and weakness. Because of the fact that regardless of how many improvements we make we will still be limited to the boundaries of Baguio City and Benguet.

We didn’t go with the usual route of startups to seek investors as soon as the company generates stable and growing revenue. We went towards the difficult and rough road of bootstrapping and seeking investments from our wives instead. 
It was a suggestion and brainchild of Esobel D. Jaen-Fernando, wife of one of the founders Mart Louis C. Fernando to create another brand away from the When In Baguio spotlight. A stand-alone brand that would be a go-to technological solution for locals to move products, people and services. The direction would be to focus on the logistics and service industry with an expansion consideration towards the Northern regions of the Philippines.

Most of the delivery apps that dominate the market share are international companies that have a multi-racial team of developers, a deep pocket for marketing and promotions, and get a huge commission usually ranging from 20-35% from their partners.

Made by locals for locals. Our mobile application is 100% Filipino made. We don’t want to be a hypocrite in not wanting profit but we make sure that we chase after profit in such a way that everybody grows and most of it goes to the people that worked hard for it the most. Our success won’t come from the revenue that we will generate but on the number of jobs that we will create and the opportunities it would open for our users.

Whenever you would need to move products, people and services. Adda Gamin!