Book a Delivery

Step 1: Open ADDA app

Step 2: Choose what type of vehicle and time would be the best for your booking

Step 3: Select the estimated weight of your parcel

Step 4: Set your parcel’s pickup and drop off points.

Tip: You could add up to 3 more delivery points to your booking

Step 5: Input what item/parcel are you sending, what category, and declare how much is the item

Step 6: Choose Mode of payment you prefer

Step 7: If there’s any voucher code given, you may click this button to input and apply the promo

Step 8: Once finished filling up the information needed. Hit the “Next” button

Step 9: The app will show confirmation of your booking from point to point and click “Submit”

Now, you can sit back, relax and we’ll contact riders nearby to assign you a rider.

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